La filosofia del lavoro


From 1987
to today

Our company was born in 1987
with the intention of entering into the field of vacuum thermoforming , pursuing two specific objectives : the quality of the product and the service and professionalism in the relationship with customers ...

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The products of our activities in the field of vacuum molding , plastics and related processes are used in various industrial fields . The vacuum thermoforming ...

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The importance of the environment , in an age where the attention to the ecosystem has become a primary need even companies have made the compatibility with the environment an essential element ...

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The Transparent Materials


PETG is a material suitable for vacuum thermoforming for high elasticity and is suitable for contact with food; for this can be used in the food field for retaining solutions or distribution of food products .


the POLYMETHYLMETHACRYLATE ( PMMA ) is the best known transparent material , has a good thermoformability and good mechanical strength ; It can be used to make protective casings and protections in gender . For special applications exist with different shades of color ( tinted )


polymethylmethacrylate's COLATO is used for the realization of exhibitors , display cases , items of furniture or otherwise aesthetic applications : its peculiarity is the high completely glass-like transparency . It can not be vacuum thermoformed , but it can be bent to warm to obtain various curvatures type .


material with high mechanical characteristics , high impact resistance and high resistance to high temperatures and UV rays . It may be vacuum thermoformed or bent. It exists in OPAL version very used for the production of billboards and backlit advertising panels.